Shibuya may be well known as a hub of contemporary Japanese pop culture, but it has also played a role in passing down various traditional cultures that are centuries old.
Now in its third year, Shibuya Renaissance is an event that brings together the area under the theme of "Cultures" that range from classical arts to contemporary subcultures. Together, the event presents the allure of Shibuya, with the participants challenged to bring new creativity that will endure for generations to come.

opening time 13:00

"Taiko Drum and Tap Dance Collaboration"


This is a collaboration between Shuichi Hidano, a leading taiko drummer of the 21st century, and HIDEBOH, one of Japan's foremost tap dancers, with guest star Yucco Miller.
Many artists from different generations will participate and fill the streets of Shibuya with Japanese and Western rhythms.

  • ヒダノ修一
  • Yucco Miller
     Yucco Miller 

"Percussion & Gospel Collaboration"


Over 50 artists will come together to sing and play in this exquisite performance of Latin music.
DSD CHILDREN and Jenna&Jam will perform this section.

  • Jenna&Jam

"Gagaku" 14:00

Introduced from China in the 5th century, gagaku is a type of Japanese classical music that has been passed down from the ancient Silk Road to the present day.
Through music and dance, this performance will fill Bunkamura Street with courtly elegance.
We hope you will enjoy the oldest musical ensemble in the world.
Gagaku Doyukai will perform this section.

  • 雅楽道友会
  • 雅楽道友会
  • 雅楽道友会

"The New Era of Dance Parade" 14:40

Wataru Kitao, who has gained much attention in the contemporary dance world, will create a new movement that unites the diverse cultures of Shibuya with the concept of "The Town of Shibuya—a New Road."
We invite spectators to take part in the parade and join us in envisioning a bright and exciting future for Shibuya.

  • 北尾 亘
     北尾 亘 
  • Baobab


  • 板井麻衣子